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I have been making regular #ThrowbackThursday posts over on my Facebook page and on Twitter, but I’ve been neglecting to do so here. Time to remedy this, especially since I still haven’t got round to putting up galleries of my past published work.


Aladdin and Princess Badoura. Detail from spread 6, layer 1. Ink and gouache.

Aladdin (Walker Books, 2011) is a personal favourite of mine, though it feels slightly overlooked compared to my other work. That may be partially my own fault as sharing anything from it is tricky; the book works rather like a series of theatre scenes and is best seen in actuality.


Princess Badoura. Ink and gouache. In the original tale, the princess is called ‘Badroulbadour’ (or ‘Badru l-budūr’ and other variants). Though ‘Badoura’ is the name of another character from the Thousand and One Nights, the Novelty team at Walker and I decided to adopt it for this edition instead as a simpler alternative and for the names’ shared meaning.


The scan of the illustration together with the panel as it appears in the book. The border motif was also originally painted by hand in one section and was then stitched together digitally by the designer.

More from Aladdin to come next Thursday.