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I have a spread in the Illustrator’s Notebook spot of the current issue of Illustration Magazine (UK, Spring 2016, Issue 47).


(Please click the image to open it out to full view.)

Thank you so much to Linda Owen-Lloyd of Children’s Book Illustration for suggesting this feature, and to Ruth Prickett, the magazine’s editor!




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#MerMay is the creation of animator, Tom Bancroft, and is a challenge whereby one posts a mermaid drawing each day for the month of May.

Now, anyone who knows me at all knows that it is entirely impossible for me to complete this challenge to its fullest condition, even had I no other work to do but to simply draw a mermaid every day. So my contribution to this would be to try and do one whenever I can squeeze it in for the month.

Of course, having once dipped my tail in, I find myself completely carried away by my first piece. I originally aimed for a sketchy sort of drawing and never meant to get this far. And having got this far, I’m not actually sure I like it.

Oh, well…


Pencil in Stillman & Birn Zeta Series sketchbook, approx. 135 x 210 mm.

T. rex: There is no ‘try’


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Blue pencil on hot pressed Fluid watercolour paper, 150 x 145 mm.

A gentle rebuttal to the ‘T. rex trying’ series and a competition prompt for Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs. Please see this post for a chance to win a copy of Dr. Dave Hone‘s book, The Tyrannosaur Chronicles!


Pens and Sensitivity


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Let us call this a ‘Flingback Friday’ post, shall we? When I illustrated the bicentenary edition of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility for Palazzo Editions back in 2011, Illustration Magazine ran a small feature about it and previous illustrated editions of the book in their Autumn 2011 issue. Due to some mishap or other, I never received a copy of the issue at the time, but the situation has been rectified and I’m finally able to share the article.


Pens and Sensitivity. Illustration Magazine, Autumn 2011 issue.

The article mentions my preparing to work on the bicentenary edition of Pride and Prejudice, as planned by Palazzo at the time. Unfortunately, as some readers may be aware, sales for S&S were so poor that the project to illustrate the bicentenary editions of all of Austen’s novels had to be sadly abandoned.


Nutcracker originals available for sale from Children’s Book Illustration & newsletter feature


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The Land of Sweets. Illustration for The Nutcracker, published by Walker Books, 2015. Ink, watercolour, and gouache on Saunders Waterford hot pressed, 380 x 300 mm.

I have been given a very kind feature in this month’s newsletter from Children’s Book Illustration as part of my launch on their website. All of the original artwork I did for The Nutcracker are now available for sale and can be found via the newsletter link or by visiting their website directly.

As you can see in the newsletter, Linda Owen-Lloyd and Harriet Potter were inspired by my numerous crane self-portraits and portraits of friends as animals in my sketchbook that they very kindly asked me to draw their portraits, too, to coincide with the launch.


Linda and Harriet. Ink, coloured pencils, and gouache on recycled paper, 100 mm diameter each.

Linda — who as I’ve learned is a ‘fanatical cyclist’ — is the cycling springer spaniel; and Harriet, who enjoys choral singing, is a blackbird.

Puttapipat’s Christmas Classics


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Jill Bennett of Red Reading Hub has written a really lovely review of The Nutcracker (plus a few words about the mini edition of Jingle Bells). Thank you so much!

Red Reading Hub - Jillrbennett's Reviews of Children's Books

 DSCN6067 (800x600)

The Nutcracker
illustrated by Niroot Puttapipat
Walker Books
I’ve received not one, but two gorgeous versions of this ‘cracking’ story in the past few weeks, which only goes to show how much a part and parcel of family seasonal celebrations it is becoming.
This one by Niroot Puttapipat uses stunningly beautiful silhouettes set against gloriously coloured background scenes so that every turn of the page is sheer visual delight. I’d like to show you every single spread but you will have to get your own copy to see them all; here’s just a taster of first an interior: it’s Clara who, just before midnight, has crept downstairs to check whether her damaged princely wooden ‘nutcracker’ has been fixed, and over-sized mice cascading down behind her …

DSCN6068 (800x600)

The second shows her and the prince seated upon a flying swan travelling ‘over gold-flecked oceans and silver-edged cities.’

DSCN6069 (800x600)

Doesn’t that…

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