Freelance illustrator based in London. Literary classics, children’s books, myths, legends, fables, folk & fairy tales, natural history. Clients include The Folio Society, Walker Books, Candlewick Press, Templar Publishing, and Random House.

Email: nhimmapaan@gmail.com.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. MomOfTwo said:

    I found your illustrations while searching for “peacock”; it came up with your peacock from the Rubaiyat book. I love your drawings! Just gorgeous. Do you sell prints of your artwork? Or do you only do the original work? Thanks!

    • Thank you so much for your kind message. I’m not selling originals at the moment other than occasional miniatures which I create as I find time. I do indeed sell a few prints, though these are chiefly personal work, rather than the published book illustrations. You can purchase them either via Redbubble or dA. I’m afraid the selection is rather dinosaur-heavy at present, though there are other things, too, including a green peafowl, which you may be interested in. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks so much for your response! I’ll check out those sites. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey. Long been an admirer of your work – introduced via LITC, but also on Tumblr. I am a very proud owner of one of your leaellynasaura cards (as sent to me from Mark at LITC). Its been framed (which amused the framer I use – “here’s your, uh, lizardy thing”) and is hanging pridefully at the top of my stairs.

    Deeply jealous of your talent πŸ˜‰

  4. I couldn’t find a contact email address, so I’m writing here to let you know I’ve featured your work on Lines and Colors: http://linesandcolors.com/2014/08/26/niroot-puttapipat-himmapaan/

    (If there is any problem with my use of the images, please let me know.)

  5. I dont know where to write this. But i take a chance and write it here. I love your art! Especially the dinosaurs! I am looking for a design for a tattoo, the idea was to make some of my favorite dinosaurs on my arm, but I could not find any good picture. Until I saw your pictures! I’d love to have my tattoos in color and I really love the color you have on some of your images. I saw that you had some of my favorites, Allosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Ceratosaurus and Styracosaurus. I don`t want to steal any picture so I was wondering if I could do a tattoo of one of your pictures? Do you maybe have a group picture of my favorites just laying around somewhere? I would gladly buy a copy of you in that case. Please reply. And excuse my bad English. Sincerely Nathalie

  6. Wonderful illustrations. Love them all.

  7. Hope you find this amusing. I found your Citipati dinosaur drawing while searching for material for a mammal drawing exercise. I really wanted to find you just to say that [imo] your back lower leg details are amazing! They look so real and natural, such great detail decisions IMO. They almost looks H.R. Gieger-esque, would you agree? If we had all the time in the world, i’d look to see every artist try to make their version of H.R. Gieger style creepy aliens and see what interesting stuff is thought up, from the realistic to the interesting, etc..

  8. Hi!
    I really loved your illustrations for Jane Austen’s books, particularly Pride & Prejudice, and I’ve searched around for somewhere to buy it/ them but I unfortunately have not been able to find anything. I was wondering if you had a link or something to share, that might help?

    Love your work and your style!

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