Wild tulip


Wild tulip (Tulipa sylvestris). Watercolour on Bockingford, 2.5 x 3.5″.

‘Flower, gleam and glow,
Let your power shine…’

Alright, it isn’t that flower, but a friend did remark on its passing resemblance. Incidentally, however, the magic golden flower from Disney’s Tangled is clearly based on a lily of some kind, and tulips are a close relative.


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Flame lily


Flame lily (Gloriosa superba), Watercolour on Bockingford, 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

This piece is for sale: $60. Sold.


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Adventures with porcelain markers

PlumBlossomPlate2png-1100I would like to try painting porcelain in earnest at some point, but for now, porcelain markers are a convenient and quick alternative. My only vexation is that fine detail is of necessity impossible with them, the finest nib being as thick as a large felt tip pen to allow the paint to flow through. Continue reading

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Jingle Bells in Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Read guide

JingleBellsLBF-1100I had hoped to wait a while longer to mention my latest book, Jingle Bells, to be published this autumn; but having received this news from Walker Books, perhaps now is as good a time.

‘Jingle Bells has been chosen for Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Read guide. The guide features reviews of the very best titles for 2014 and generates big orders for our Irish sales rep! They print over 40,000 copies of the guide and it’s available in libraries, bookshops and schools across Ireland and the UK. It will also be sent to all CBI members worldwide.’

This picture of the printer’s dummy of the book was taken at the London Book Fair back in April. Reports are that it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon.


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Il Papiro

GreenQuillPen-1400 GreenQuillPen2-1200A few things from the windows of Il Papiro in London’s Covent Garden, which sells beautiful Italian-made stationery and paper products.
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Brontësaurus‏. Sepia ink and gouache on Strathmore grey toned paper, 151 x 147mm.

My literary and palaeo friends and audiences so rarely converge (which is a great pity), but I’m jolly well going to try.


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Recent miniatures despatched

Becky'sFoxPng-900 Brynn'sMisosaurPng-900 Sarah'sWarblerPng-900These originals have sold and are on their way to their new homes.


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