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Lady with an Archaeoceratops ~ Watercolour with touches of gouache, approx. 138 mm. diameter

Happy New Year! May 2017 be kinder to us all.

This piece began simply enough as a sketch, when I decided to pair a Tang dynasty lady with Archaeoceratops, a neoceratopsian dinosaur from early Cretaceous China.


The idea of turning it into a full colour piece soon took hold. So much so, I began to entertain thoughts of an entire series of ‘fine ladies from various cultures with their saurian pets’. A few friends even read my mind when I shared the sketch on social media.




Detail, during progress, with penny for scale.

I tried to think of a more succinct title for the piece but couldn’t come up with anything clever. Joseph Vernot playfully called it ‘Madonna and Child’, which I did like very much; but in the end, I settled for the simple, if not terribly creative, ‘Lady with an Archaeoceratops‘. After all, there is historical precedent for the form.