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Ink on Strathmore Bristol, vellum surface.

‘In a clearing there sat a young woman, a small bear cub resting his soft furry head in her lap, whilst around them two young cubs gamboled and played at her feet.’

Illustration for The Three Sisters, from Oxford Treetops Greatest Stories: Grimm, retold by Jan Davidson, published by Oxford University Press, 2016.

The princess (one of the titular three sisters) originally had a slightly different appearance when I first drew the rough.


I was dissatisfied with the turn of her head, and in changing it, the similarity to Queen Elinor from Pixar’s Brave seems to have inadvertently stolen over her. With three bear cubs in tow, the parallel became inevitable. I ran with it, and the piece became something of an accidental tribute to the film — or at least to the character.