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Watercolour on Saunders Waterford hot pressed, 110 mm diameter (approx. 135 mm from tallest wingtip to bottom of circle).

This illustration was originally created about two or three years ago as part of the cover for a prospective book, for which I was also to have contributed internal illustrations. In the event, the publisher underwent something of an upheaval, and the project was either shelved or had fallen through. I never heard anything further about it.

So I’m hoping that my finally sharing this won’t get me into trouble! I suppose, were the project to ever go ahead again, that I could do a new illustration for it if need be.

On the heels of #MerMay last month comes #JuneFae for this (there is also #JuneBug and #Junicorn, but we’ll come to those later); and although this piece had nothing whatever to do with it, I just felt it opportune to share it as a kind of opener for my own (however meagre) contributions for the month. Unfortunately, the scan robs a considerable deal from the original, not least the blue of the outer robe, which is a more teal-like colour in actuality.