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The Land of Sweets. Illustration for The Nutcracker, published by Walker Books, 2015. Ink, watercolour, and gouache on Saunders Waterford hot pressed, 380 x 300 mm.

I have been given a very kind feature in this month’s newsletter from Children’s Book Illustration as part of my launch on their website. All of the original artwork I did for The Nutcracker are now available for sale and can be found via the newsletter link or by visiting their website directly.

As you can see in the newsletter, Linda Owen-Lloyd and Harriet Potter were inspired by my numerous crane self-portraits and portraits of friends as animals in my sketchbook that they very kindly asked me to draw their portraits, too, to coincide with the launch.


Linda and Harriet. Ink, coloured pencils, and gouache on recycled paper, 100 mm diameter each.

Linda — who as I’ve learned is a ‘fanatical cyclist’ — is the cycling springer spaniel; and Harriet, who enjoys choral singing, is a blackbird.