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Jill Bennett of Red Reading Hub has written a really lovely review of The Nutcracker (plus a few words about the mini edition of Jingle Bells). Thank you so much!

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The Nutcracker
illustrated by Niroot Puttapipat
Walker Books
I’ve received not one, but two gorgeous versions of this ‘cracking’ story in the past few weeks, which only goes to show how much a part and parcel of family seasonal celebrations it is becoming.
This one by Niroot Puttapipat uses stunningly beautiful silhouettes set against gloriously coloured background scenes so that every turn of the page is sheer visual delight. I’d like to show you every single spread but you will have to get your own copy to see them all; here’s just a taster of first an interior: it’s Clara who, just before midnight, has crept downstairs to check whether her damaged princely wooden ‘nutcracker’ has been fixed, and over-sized mice cascading down behind her …

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The second shows her and the prince seated upon a flying swan travelling ‘over gold-flecked oceans and silver-edged cities.’

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Doesn’t that…

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