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I’ve been invited by Gerald Kelley to share my own #‎CreativeWeaponsOfChoice. I would have usually just taken a picture of my work desk, but it’s undergoing an upheaval at present and I’ve moved to work in the living room; so instead, I’ve gathered together my most frequently used materials for a picture. I’m sorry about the poor light, it’s been dismally grey here for days.

Chinese ink, Winsor & Newton and Holbein watercolours, W&N gouache, Daler Rowney FW acrylic inks, Doctor Ph. Martin’s watercolour inks, Noodler’s ink, Derwent pencils of various ranges (mostly Drawing and Coloursoft as well as tinted charcoals), sepia powder, and most recently for my current project, Turner’s acrylic gouache. I also use Kuretake Japanese watercolours and Marie’s Chinese watercolours, though there wasn’t room for them here! Many readers already know from the many progress pictures I’ve shared that I use mostly Chinese brushes (to draw with as well as paint) and a few ‘western’ sables. I use mostly Saunders Waterford and Arches watercolour papers. For drawing, I love using tinted papers, besides my Moleskine sketchbook.