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Throwback Tuesday. Because why not?

The Winter's Tale Png-1200

Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, Act V, Scene III (clockwise from left: Perdita, Leontes, Hermione and Paulina). Pen & ink and watercolour on Arches hot pressed, 297 x 297mm.

This illustration was my Christmas card from 2004. At the end of William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, the penitent King Leontes is reunited with his exiled daughter, Perdita, and with his supposedly dead queen, Hermione, whose ‘statue’ comes to life as he embraces her, witnessed by Hermione’s faithful friend, Paulina. The resolute, wise, just, and fiercely loyal Paulina is of course the best character of the play, and indeed one of the best characters in all Shakespeare. At least, I think so.