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Ink (sepia Derwent Graphik Line Maker) on marker paper, approximately 180 x 120mm.

I haven’t really used fineliners extensively in years as their resolute uniformity of line can be frustrating. But I wanted to try out the new Derwent Graphik Line Makers when they were recommended by my friend and fellow artist, Claudia Hahn. I trust Derwent’s quality — and sepia fineliners are so rare. The line weight issue aside, I really do enjoy these as the ink flows so smoothly. It’s a little like drawing with a fountain pen, but without the flex of the nib (although most modern fountain pens have rigid nibs, too, which is also frustrating, but I digress…). The ink is also pigmented, waterproof, and lightfast.


This drawing of the newly described Rhinorex was gradually completed in parts (mostly at times when I should have been asleep), but I’m counting it as my first Inktober offering.