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GreenQuillPen-1400 GreenQuillPen2-1200A few things from the windows of Il Papiro in London’s Covent Garden, which sells beautiful Italian-made stationery and paper products.

SealingWax-1200 SealingWaxSamples-1100DipPen-1400 DipPen2-1200NStamp-1200 BluePlaceholder-900InitialEmbosser-1000 DeskSet-1400GlassPen-1100Pencils-1000BookCovers-1100ThroughIlPapiroWindow-1400It’s a lovely little shop occupying a corner of Covent Garden’s main piazza. It even smells wonderfully of fine papers, inks and wood. But looking in through the windows is the most my empty purse will allow me to do for now.