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Christmas card for the Science Faculty of the University of Alberta. Sepia ink and gouache on recycled paper, 229 x 193mm.

This illustration was commissioned by the Science Faculty of the University of Alberta for their holiday card this year. It revisits an older Holiday Hadrosaur theme of mine, only with an Edmontosaurus rather than a Parasaurolophus this time, for fairly obvious reasons. A Pachyrhinosaurus and a pair of Troodon round off the sympatric saurian cast. You may also recognise the familiar turbaned figure in one of the handlers. He recurs frequently in my work.


Detail, Handler #1


Detail, Handler #2


Detail, Pachyrhinosaurus

In the wake of completing this illustration, the discovery that Edmontosaurus actually had a rooster-like fleshy comb was finally published. You may imagine how I felt. I have expediently decided that my Edmontosaurus here is female (her name is Cybele). I can stick with that for now.

Happy holidays!