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I think perhaps we may pronounce the Ink & Drink event at the William Morris Gallery last evening a success. I was a little overwhelmed by how many visitors turned up, especially as I had envisioned about five or six people, together with a tumbleweed and several crickets. As it is, the free copies of Pictura which were given to the first one hundred arrivals had all gone before 8pm.


The ‘Story Lounge’ upstairs in the William Morris Gallery before the event opened.


Guests queuing in front of the gallery before opening. The curator told us they’ve ‘never had this before’.


The harpist who provided musical accompaniment throughout the evening. I never got the chance to greet and thank her before she left.


Laura Smythe and Nghiem Ta from Templar Publishing. Laura is responsible for organising all the Pictura events. Nghiem is the designer with whom I worked and the creative brain behind the series.


Some of the visitors busy colouring in. This picture was taken much later in the evening (when I had a moment) when some of the guests had departed, but the place was thronging with people earlier on, with the additional space in the tea room downstairs also filled up…


…As this picture taken by Nghiem demonstrates.

It was wonderful to see so many people absorbed in simply colouring in and finding the activity exactly as rewarding and therapeutic and we had hoped. A good number of visitors also responded very kindly to my original artworks and books which I had brought along, and said how well they had enjoyed the evening, which I was of course very touched by. Thank you so much to all who attended, and to Templar, The Big Draw, and the William Morris Gallery.