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Suddenly things are happening all at once, it seems. I’d only just learned yesterday that one of my Just So Stories illustrations is to be exhibited as part of the Picture This exhibition at the British Library. I had been sent an invitation to the private view, but it must have gone astray.

In finding out more about the exhibition upon hearing the news, I did wonder whether the illustration would be that of the Elephant’s Child (as also used on the invitation above), but they had in fact chosen the one of the whale which was used for the book’s frontispiece, and which I haven’t shared here yet. I was slightly disappointed as I don’t feel it is one of my strongest for the book, and rather wished that if they did prefer the whale, they might have chosen this one with the mariner instead. However, I’ve been informed that, ‘we were going to use the elephant’s child illustration, but to be honest we loved the depth of colour in the whale illustration – and it made such a contrast to Kipling’s own b/w illustrations which we are also showing’. You can see part of that piece in the slideshow here (the illustration before last).

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the private view, as of course I will be at the Ink & Drink event on Thursday evening. But I will be visiting the exhibition itself later and will report what I can.