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Cover illustration for The King Arthur Trilogy by Rosemary Sutcliff, published by Random House UK (Vintage Classics), 2013.

Watercolour on Arches hot pressed watercolour paper, 188 x 129mm.

The stylisation was at the request of the editor. The final printed cover looks like this. Among the main differences are that the image is mirrored, the red of the cloak has been intensified, and the horse is a truer black than in my original illustration. The latter was as a result of my having overlooked the fact that Arthur’s horse is described variously in the legends as either black or white (‘grey’ in horse terminology, but I digress), and had already begun to paint it as a chestnut. To save beginning the piece anew, I tried to turn the chestnut into black, but due to my aversion to using black paint, preferring instead to create a less flat black by mixing other colours, I seem only to have managed a very dark brown, such was the strength of the original chestnut beneath.


Sword vignette for the back cover.